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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 1:57 am    Post subject: LAO TZU AND JESUS ON KEY KEEPERS,GATE KEEPERS,CENSORSHIP Reply with quote

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Pentru varianta in lb. romana vedeti adresa de mai jos:
The Flowering of Life -At one with The One(Mystic Trance)

56. The one who is conscious (in Tao) can’t speak.
The one who can speak is not conscious (centered in Tao)(1)
Close the mouth (silence your mind);
Shut the doors (close your your senses;controls the Gates of his Breath)
Smooth the sharpness( blunts his activity);
Untie the tangles (untangle your affairs;release your worries).
Harmonize your inner light (dim the glare; tempers his light);
Let settle your dust (calm the turmoil;unite the world into one whole).
Doing this is to enter the mystical oneness(with Tao)(2)
Yes such(a human being ) realizing mystical oneness (the saint;the wise)
holds balance beyond sway of love or hate (3)
He is immune to gain or loss [he can not be benefited nor harmed]
He can not be made noble nor to suffer disgrace [beyond care of praise(honor ;nobility) or blame (disgrace,shame; meanness)].
Therefore he is considered the most valuable human being under Heaven.
[the treasure of the World].(4)

Notes:(1) “He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know” is a false translation repeated endlessly.
Konstantin Stanislavsky(1863-1938) in his book ( “An Actor Prepares”),about” The Professional Training system of an Actor” has illustrated the impossibility of talking or remembering.He asked an actor to raise smth. very heavy. The actor whose body was fully tense and concentrated on this task was unable to speak or to remember simple things he executed before. Stanislavski's theories on relaxation,body-mind unity and consciousness speaks about a man with a high degree of self knowledge(“that to concentrate one must first know how to relax”) Anyone in a mystic trance can’t speak without losing his attention,his fragile grasp or resonant connection with the subtle reality.Mystical trance requires an impartial conscious witness inside the traveller. This impartial consciousness that witnesses the journey to the Center is trained in taoism and yoga using the practice of silence(mouna).In hypnotic and shamanic trance the same thing is realized by two persons:one in trance and the other is the conscious witness outside,the guider,the hypnotherapist or the shaman.
(2) Mystical unity:the profound identification,the dark and mysterious identity,mysterious samenes,absolute equality).
(3) The saint remains detached and not moved or insulted either by affection or aversion; approached or alienated.
(4)Legge:”Such an one cannot be treated familiarly or distantly; he is beyond all consideration of profit or injury; of nobility or
meanness:he is the noblest man under heaven”.
Chan:”Therefore it is impossible either to be intimate and close to him or to be distant and indifferent to him. It is impossible either to benefit him or to harm him. It is impossible either to honour him or disgrace him. For this reason he is honoured by the world”.
Crowley:”He cannot be insulted either by familiarity or aversion; he is immune to ideas of gain or loss, of honour or disgrace; he is the true man, unequaled under Heaven”.
LinYutan:”Then love and hatred cannot touch him. Profit and loss cannot reach him. Honor and disgrace cannot affect him. Therefore is he always the honored one of the world”.
Wieger:”No one can attach himself (by doing favours) to such a man, nor repulse him (by treating him badly). He is indifferent to gain or loss, exaltation or humiliation. Being thus, he is the most noble in the world”.
Wu:”Which you cannot court after nor shun, Benefit nor harm, honour nor humble. Therefore, it is the Highest of the world”.


See more on Dao De Jing at:
Abstract:The Way to Heaven and Power[Tao Te Ching;Dao De Jing] is a new translation and interpretation of Lao Tzu[in pinyin:Lao Zi],using Wang Bi,Mawangdui and Guodian text variants;

My previous translation of Tao Te Ching[in pinyin:Dao De Jing] published in Romania[ 1992,1993,1994 Editions] was "helped" by Tao Jian Wen[namely "pointed" or "guided" toward the traditional meaning:"The One Who Knows Does not Talk"];Below there is a new translation and interpretation of chap.56 by dr.Dan Mirahoran.

Until now all sinologists have translated the first two verses of 56th chapter like this:
"The One who speaks does not know;The one who knows does not speak"
In fact Laozi has written in this chapter about mystical unity..and not about the breach of professional secrecy..
My translation of the first two verses of 56th chapter of Lao Tzu takes into consideration the meaning of Chinese character transliterated in pinyin as zhi1[see the dictionary below for 56.1 character*to be aware,to know,to see]:
"The one who is aware does not talk;The one who talks is not aware"

"The one who is centered[who is aware in the God's place("the enlightened vertical communication room ")does not talk;
The one who talks is not aware centered(is placed in "the little horizontal communication room"of consciousness )"
Here Laozi makes a distinction between two states:
1.the centered state realised in mystical union; and
2.the deep trance used by Shamans and hypnotherapists for Psychic Healing ,Past Life Regression, Future Progression;in guided trance(Heterohypnosis or in Guided Psychic Channeling );channeling states requires two persons to access information from the first room because the centered guided person is not aware(remember Edgar Cayce).
Sufi mystical traditions also knew that there are two places.. two rooms in which consciousness dwells.
In the first room.. full of light ..man is in relation with God..In the second room,the one that receives phenomenal light (Socrates's cave)man is in connection only with the experiential or the phenomenal world . This last room is the one in which people are prisoners.. "fallen" after the Lost of Paradise or "the expulsion from Heaven",repeated after the Babel's Tower falling -then was also lost "the one language and common speech"[Genesis 11]. There are deep connections between The Matrix ,the Plato's Cave and the central tenets in Socrates' philosophical examinations

We discover the same message in the teachings of Jesus [how to be awake in doing our prayer], in Buddha's way of counscious meditation[in skrt.:vipassana;vipashyana] .
In the actor training book "The Art of the Actor with Himself, written by one of the greatest stage directors: Stanislavsky K., readers are invited to discover by themselves, experimentally, the very impossibility of talking[and even of breathing] when they are fully concentrated in doing something[raising a heavy object, hearing a very low sound, being absorbed in self-awareness]
The Book of Exodus contains the remarkable story of how God raised up a man, Moses, and used him to deliver His people out of slavery in Egypt .. Everybody knows that Moses did not speak in front of Pharaoh,The king of Egypt [see this paragraph in the Bible[Ex 4.10-14].
"Aaron was to become the spokesman, but Moses must still decide what would be said. And God would guide them both. 4.16 ."And he shall be your spokesman to the people, and it shall be that he will be to you a mouth and you will be to him as God." Moses is to put words in his mouth, and Yahweh will be with both their mouths and will teach him what to do (15). Aaron will be to Moses a mouth and Moses will be to him as God (16).
Literally "he will be to you a mouth".
The background to these words is clearly Egyptian. In ancient Egypt the "mouth" (ra) is used metaphorically for a representative of Pharaoh. The office of a "mouth" was so important that it was held by the highest State dignitaries. The titles "mouth" and "chief mouth" were used in relation to people such as chief superintendents and overseers of public works who acted as intermediaries between the Pharaoh and the Government officials. The concept of "mouth" or "chief mouth" involved a confidential and exalted position at court, ranking immediately after the king. They were mouths to a God. "And you will be to him as God." Possibly better "as a god", that is, as standing in God's place. As Pharaoh's "mouths" spoke for him as a god, so Aaron will parallel these high officials and speak in the name of Moses. As Yahweh will say to Moses later, "I will make you a god to Pharaoh" (Exodus 7.1). Pharaoh would indeed learn to fear him and his seemingly divine powers. This puts Pharaoh's "divinity" firmly on an earthen plane. The battle would be between Moses and Pharaoh, not between Pharaoh and God. ?God? will speak by performing signs. From now on this staff, which will have delivered God's first sign, (and is here linked also with the other signs) will be called "the staff of God" (verse 20). It will be with Moses, and often used by Aaron, in all his future activities, a reminder that the power of Yahweh was with him and that his authority was derived from God, and that thereby he could control the snake, and smite and heal. It was a visible evidence of God's presence with him, and through it he would soon perform many other signs.
Are We All Clairvoyant?
We carried the sensitivity of "sixth sense" or "second sight", down through the ages with us and as we evolved, that ability has gradually weakened, mostly due to social castration programming or conditioning for dwelling only in the second room and not to the less threatening nature of daily life. Our second sight was first used as a system of protection, that intuitive feeling of all not being safe and well. Also before verbal communication came about it was a meaning of passing information to others in the community. In terms of attuning with the higher vibration of spirit energies, we have the ability, but the environment often dilutes or negates this through opinion and religious indoctrination.
In children, the gift is frequently recognised. In their innocence and recent return from the realms of the spirit world, they say what they see and hear, without fear of ridicule or horror. There are many people who retain the natural gift of mediumship. These are often the children, who were encouraged to speak, and share their experiences. Performance training make use of another kind of conditioning[see my book and CD on Guided Relaxation to trigger centering,self healing and reprogramming for Performance Improving ]..

Our present sinologists translations of Lao Zi deals with putting truth under cover, or with the censorship used by key -keepers for classifing everything in order to devide, separate and dissolve partership to partition["divide et impera"] .
Indeed, gate-keepers trotted out every half-truth or non-truth under the sun to bolster their claims that the source of true knowledge is not inside yourself but outside.
Lao Zi said:" Don't step outside your door and you will know the whole world. Don't look out the window, and you will see the Way of Heaven".[chapt 47]
"He who knows other men has knowledge; he who knows himself is wise". .[chapt 33]
Know thyself. These two simple words comprised a central tenet of the philosophy of Socrates.
"Know thyself(in skrt.:"atmanam viddhi") if you want to know the universe.. said the ancient hindu philosophers ..don't search outside what you have already inside you... We live in an holographic universe-a universe in which ..the whole information is present in each of its parts..
Each man has the ability to know himself, and once he is known unto himself he shall know the kingdom of God. In the Gospel and Testament of Jesus Christ( according to: Luke) we find the same message
"the kingdom of God is within you":
Lk:17.20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Lk:17.21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
Partition principle is useful to fight against dissemination of dangerous knowledge and technology [nuclear weapons] not to keep people in darkness and ignorance
Information Warfare (IW) is another pretext invented to close the gatesWe still live in ignorance that in order to survive in a time of a cataclysmic earth changes ..we are in need of all our locked-up powers..
Information Warfare (IW)
Actions taken to achieve information superiority by affecting adversary information, information-based processes, and information systems, while defending one' s own information, information-based processes, and information systems?.
If saints or spiritual masters were not communicating their teachings because"The One Who Knows Does not Talk" why reading and following them?
Jesus said that the Light must be shown "not concealed..or hidden"
"Woe to you experts in law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge.You yourselves have not entered the gate, and you have hindered those who were entering" [Luke11.52; ]
"Woe to you teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!You shut the kingdom of heaven gate in men's face. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those who are trying to enter"[Mattew 23.13][see also where to seek the "God's kingdom": (Luke 17.20-21; Rom.144.17; Vers.23)].

Know thyself is a basic principle of psychiatric nursing.Possessing self-awareness indicates that a human being has arrived at a philosophical belief about life, death, and the overall human condition. Introspection is critical to the development of self-understanding. It involves objectively examining one's personal beliefs, attitudes, motivations, strengths, and limitations. This process is believed to be important because our psychological state influences the way patient information is analyzed. According to Arnold and Boggs (1999), self-knowledge is a necessary precursor to professionalism. Professional development, according to Schon (1983 ), is evident in the reflection of expert practitioners using a critical process that involves discovery of previously implicit assumptions. Reflective practice and the development of self-awareness are important concepts to the advancement of a profession. However, many practitioners find reflective practice mysterious and confusing (Wilson, 1996), as well as anxiety provoking. Because self-awareness is a necessary characteristic of a professional its essence should be well understood. Becoming acquainted with the work of the primary contributors to the construct of self-awareness is one way to appreciate more fully the way self-awareness evolves and its meaning
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